Battle Buddie Workshop

These workshops are geared to help young people with confidence, work as a team and handling anger when going through tough times or in difficult situations. I teach dynamics that help control those times when things just seem too much to handle. Any changes in family routine that might include moving, parent lost their job etc. can cause a range of emotions. The overall goal is to help individuals maintain a positive attitude and continue to move forward no matter how hard it seems through Team Building, Anger Management and Goal Setting.

As a child of the foster care system, I faced these challenges and messages. I experienced helplessness and hopelessness. I felt frustration and anger and needed to find a way to make sense of my situation and make a life for myself despite it. As a workshop presenter, I work with small groups to solidify positive messages and actions. We role play, play team-building games, and discuss the results of these actives. Specific outcomes from the workshops are identification of anger and resolving it in healthy, nonviolent ways, empathy for those around them, and themselves. These workshops are designed for classrooms, after school programs, libraries, or summer camps. These programs accommodate middle school or high school students. Can be combined with (name of speaking program).

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