Emotional Impact from Foster Care & Adoption Program

Children in foster care and those who have been adopted experience unique feelings and challenges. Depression, disconnection, and trust issues may be a result of sometimes unstable situations. Questions are always unanswered. Why did my parents leave me? Why don’t they love me? Adoptees deal with identity issues also. Most of the time we don’t look like the ones who adopted us, and we must deal with those questions from outsiders. Adoptive and foster parents have special issues as well. By sharing my story, I hope to encourage those on both sides of the system, adults raised through the system as well as foster and adoptive parents, current and future. For adults trying to make sense of their childhood experience, I want you to know you are not alone. For current and future foster care parents and adoptive parents, I hope to provide a greater understanding of a child’s experience in the system and its lasting effects. This interactive program is designed for adults to share experiences to promote greater understanding and empathy for all involved.

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