I want to thank you for speaking to the young men at Coming of Kings. We are grateful for the time and effort you took to share your life story, thoughts and experiences with us. Please consider adding our group to your annual speaking tours. You are always welcome at our events. Sincere appreciation.

Coming Of Kings

This is a must-read. I finished reading in two sittings. Tears in my eyes. I felt so sad and hurt for him, I almost couldn’t read anymore. I needed to know the story because I lived upstairs in the same house he lived in when the Barnett adopted him. I am his adopted mom sister-in-law. I never knew all these things happened in his young life. This book is outstanding, uplifting, inspirational, and a true story. I am so proud of Kelvin, the man he has become. I pray that God continues to use him and motivate us to help others to know that dreams do come true. If you hold out deliverance surely will come.

Mamie Creamer

I heard about your book at the gym so I purchased it through Kindle today. I just finished reading it non-stop. I couldn’t put it down. What a triumphant and blessed life story! I will share your testimony with others. There is Glory in Your Story!


A very touching story and real that will make adults and particularly kids see there is always a new opportunity as they grow up to make life worthwhile again, no matter the load they are facing! All the best To you Kevin Thanks.

Patrick P.

What a page turner, I couldn’t put this book down, don’t take my word for it. Get a copy, I promise you, you will not be disappointed!

Selina B.

A very touching story and real that will make adults and particularly kids see there is always a new opportunity as they grow up to make life worthwhile again, no matter the load they are facing! All the best To you Kevin Thanks.


I have read this book and recommend it as a source of inspiration to anyone who has ever been through unimaginable hardship during any period of your life and think that is all life holds for you. It may be your past but, it does not have to be your future. This young man shares his journey in a way that can be life changing for you.

Lavinia A. West

Riveting! Disturbing, haunting! Encouraging and triumphant! Five stars!!!!! (Living My Shadows: Dreams do come true)

Cyrano Green (Soul Food Chess House)

This book will have you laughing one minute and crying the next. The suspense will have you dying to get to the next chapter. An excellent book for anyone facing obstacles in their life. That’s all of us right? (Living My Shadows: Dreams do come true)

Jackie Chews

“OMG….what a tearjerker!  What a smile maker! Real and raw, but tender.” (Living My Shadows: Dreams do come true)

Madonna Carter Jackson

“Heartfelt and inspiring beyond belief, Kevin Barnett’s true-life story of finding his birth family set me on fire to begin the search for my own family, who gave me up for adoption. This book will give you the wings of an eagle to take your dream to its highest heights! Five stars! ***** ” (Living My Shadows: Dreams do come true)

Sam Severn

“Awesome story! Very inspirational tale of never giving up on your dreams and not letting others define you. Everything happens in time and this story of being able to live your life, while not losing focus on dreams near to your heart, tell a lot about the author. Very good read.” (Living My Shadows: Dreams do come true)

John C.

“This was an amazing real-life story by Kevin Barrett Sr. I would like to thank Kevin for sharing his story with us. It was a Heartfelt and Inspiring book. This is a story true story that makes you set back an think about you own life journey. Each chapter I could feel the pain, hurt and frustration he was going through, you know we all have go through or can relate to some of situation he had to deal with in that house. In the end of the of this journey, I felt the Love, Happiness that was lost in the beginning but had been capture at the end.” KEEP ON LIVING THE DREAM!!! (Living My Shadows: Dreams do come true)

Jannie C. Coleman

“Uplifting, inspirational and motivating. A triumph for the author and literary nourishment for anyone with a dream.” (Living My Shadows: Dreams do come true)

Frances S.

“I see “Living My Shadows” as a testimony and a fantastic example on how determination, leaping out in Faith, and even through all the struggles and low blows that life sent at times, by NEVER giving up. We ALL can accomplish our dreams. Kevin’s story is very moving. You able to feel the emotions as he tells is life’s journey. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the awesome celebrations. And it’s a great motivation on how he turned things around and uses it to help others! The Blessings he has received are the Blessings he uses and shares with others to help where he’s needed. Excellent Book!!” (Living My Shadows: Dreams do come true)


“Talk about ‘Drive, Discipline, and Focus’!!! I love and appreciate the raw truth and transparency conveyed. You don’t have to have gone through the foster system for it to tug at your heart with so many emotions!!! Truly a story of forgiveness, inspiration, perseverance, persistence, and growth. So worth the read!!!”


“I had the awesome opportunity to serve with Kevin in the U.S. Army and got to see first hand how good of a person that he is! While he shared some of his background after we got to know one another, I had no idea what he had endured as a child. He always served as a true professional while in uniform. I’m so thankful that he took the time to write down & share his story. He is the epitome of a resilient Soldier and man of God. Thanks for being such an amazing example as a combat Veteran and model citizen that helps improve his family and community! We need more people like you in this world. Get this book & share Kevin’s story with a friend that is struggling to help them realize that we can work together to get through life’s challenges.”


I enjoyed reading the author’s story. His writing style made me feel as if he were talking to me telling his story. It was a quick read because it was interesting and engaging. I have bought copies for friends.


“A must read! Seeing a child overcome some of life’s worst obstacles to reach the life he deserves and wanted is inspirational. If you learn nothing else from reading this story, you have to keep believing that there is a better tomorrow.”

Jarrett. C.

“Kevin’s story is an amazing one of truth, vulnerability, and love. He bares his heart and soul, sharing about a tumultuous childhood that turned into something of a fairytale. It is a motivating read. The story reminds me of 1 Corinthians 13: 4 – 7: “Love suffers long and is kind…[love] bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

Samantha J.

“This book is inspirational, as many have noted, has proven applicable in their lives to find strength in challenging times. I too have gleaned something from it. Taking from his experiences throughout his life to find the best in all situations, Kevin strives to be the culmination of the term, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” I can say with honesty, that Kevin has inspired me in times of challenge, both in this book and in his friendship. Excellent read.”

Eric A.

“Kevin’s book is so honest that you can almost feel his pain and joy as he tells the story of finding his birth mom and family. It is inspiring. A moving, simple book of one man’s journey and the humanity that joins all of us.”


“This book will touch your soul, such a great read!”

Darryl A.

“Enjoyed the book, couldn’t put it down. Recommended read for anyone seeking family. A heart-warmer!”

Julie E.